Q: Can I order a paper pattern?

A: At Braphoria, we know that not every paper pattern will work for every body type. That’s why we teach you to become your own pattern maker instead! So, no paper patterns, just more skills and learning for you!

Q: I haven’t made my first bra yet, but I really want to take your classes. What should I do?

A: You really do need to know the basics of bra making and have a pattern that works for you. If you are still to embark on your bra making journey, then I strongly recommend taking Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy class. You can either click here or click on the Craftsy image on the right to register and get started. Then, once you’ve got your first bra, come on back and see us!

Q: I’ve got a pattern I’m pretty happy with but I’m not sure… can you help?

A: If you’re at all concerned about your fit before starting on one of our classes, please check out the Braphoria Group on Facebook where Karin does regular live video feeds which often cover the most commonly faced fitting issues. If you still have questions, you can book a 30 minute evaluation Skype session for $50 during which you will get personal advice on your bra fit and how best to resolve these issues prior to starting your class. If you’d like to book a session, email us at info@braphoria.com.

Q: I don’t need all the stuff in the kit, can you just send me the bits I need?

A: We provide full kits and partial kits as advertised on the Kits & Supplies page. Currently, we are unable to provide items not listed on this page or to remove items from the kits. However, if you have specific fitting challenges or sizing requests, please contact us.

Q: Can I buy individual items from you? Or only Kits?

A: We provide high-end kits containing luxurious fabrics, hard to find laces and vintage trims. However, if you’d like some extras to complement your order, please let us know in the Comments section of your order or email us and we’ll be happy to try to help!

Q: Do you provide underwires?

A: Yes! We stock a range of underwire sizes and can send you a pair with your kit. You’ll find underwires listed in the Kits & Supplies section.

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