Why Braphoria?

Ever since I started working as a professional bra maker and teaching lots of fabulous women how to make their own bras, I’ve been agonizing over something. And it’s this: When you find a bra pattern that works for you, you’re super happy! Yay, you’ve cracked it!! So you make a few in a couple of colors and you love them.

Then after a while, you fancy a change, and you’ve seen this amazing pattern that you can’t wait to make. So you do… only to find it doesn’t fit. The cup is too shallow, the straps fall off, the band rolls up. Whatever the problem, you’re devastated because you worked so hard on it and you REALLY wanted it to fit.

I’ve been there. And until my professional bra makers course where I learnt to draft, I too dealt with it.

Since I’ve been drafting my own designs, I’ve received so many texts, comments and emails from women all over the world asking if I am going to be putting out patterns for the bras you may have seen on my blog at Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables. And while I was desperate to get the patterns out there to you, I knew that you’d all potentially face the same problems with my patterns as you have faced with other patterns in the past.

I figured there had to be a better way. And you know what? I think I have found a better way!!! A way for you to get better success rates in your bra-making when you make a different style. And a way for me to share lots of the skills and techniques with you that are usually only reserved for my in-person classes.

Braphoria is the answer to that problem – the online bra school that teaches YOU how to change up a full band underwired pattern that you already have, that you have lovingly tweaked, altered and amended so that it FITS. Together we’re going to transform that basic bra into a whole host of fabulous bras for the most luxurious lingerie drawer you’ve only every dreamed of… so, are you ready? Let’s sew!

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